Lusi was first inspired by seeing the SMSM Sisters living their lives doing good work for everyone. Sister Lusiana had always wanted to be a primary school teacher, and after two years religious training to become a Sister of Compassion in Wellington, she returned to Fiji to train as a teacher at Corpus Christi Training College. After the first term of teaching at Marist Convent, Lami, Sister wondered how a mother of two or three children coped, she had to cope with 45 children in class one. Sister Lusiana is now on the Leadership Team and is a founding member of the Sisters of Compassion mission at Westport when it was established in 2017. In Westport sister undertakes much of the pastoral care and some liturgical ministry to the Westport community and has a valuable outreach into the wider community, some of whom are still recovering from the devasting floods of 2021.