Her twin brother, Michael, predeceased her and her sister Marie Therese and he brother Patrick died as young children.

Margaret entered the Sisters of Compassion on 15 August, 1953, and commenced her Novitiate on the Feast of St Joseph, 1954.  She was given her Religious name Sister Mary Loreto in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

After her First Profession in 1956, Sister Loreto was transferred to St Vincent’s Home in Auckland, but returned to Island Bay the following year to commence her General Nursing training. Sister gained her General Nursing State Registration in 1961 and spent a few months at St Joseph’s Home in Silverstream before returning to Island Bay.

Two years later, Sister Loreto was appointed as Sub-Mistress of Novices. As she was not of the required age, a special Dispensation was obtained. Soon after, Sister Loreto acted as Novice Mistress during the absence of the Novice Mistress, Sister M. Stephen who was on study leave in America. Two years later, on 1 April 1965, Sister Loreto was appointed Novice Mistress and as she had not yet reached the required age of 30 years, a new Dispensation was sought and obtained.

Following her period as Novice Mistress, Sister Loreto was appointed Superior at St Raphael’s Home of Compassion, Carterton. Her mother and Michael were living across the road, and the local people welcomed her and continued to give wonderful support to the Home and to the residents.

In May 1978, Sister Loreto was appointed Sister in Charge of St Joseph’s Home, Silverstream, where she remained for six years. During this time she was also elected to the Leadership Team and she held other positions of responsibility until her eyesight and general health began to cause concern. She returned to St Joseph’s Home in Silverstream in 1993 where she was received into care two years later.

Sister Loreto had a very special empathy with the dying and her presence in the Home and her prayerfulness were respected and valued. Although her health was of concern she would spend hours at the bedside of the dying.  She brought great comfort to the patient, the family and also the staff.  Her own time of dying was prolonged and she died peacefully on 9 February, 2009.

Birth                    Entered               Professed              Died              Place of Death           Place of Burial

14.06.1936       15.08.1953           19.03.1956         09.02.2009       Silverstream                  Karori