After Sister Julian’s Final Profession in 1951, she was transferred to Broken Hill, but her health deteriorated there, and she had quite a long period of illness both in Australia and New Zealand. In 1961 she was at Loreto Home of Compassion, Wagga Wagga. During this time Sister joined Sisters Dorothea and Mary Gallagher in Sydney where they obtained Diplomas as Trained Supervisors of Intellectually Handicapped Children. This training was put to good effect on her return to New Zealand in 1966 to work as Supervisor in the Workshop at St, Raphael’s Home of Compassion, Carterton. Sister remained there until 1978 and was part of the team of Sisters responsible for the upgrading of St Raphael’s Home.

For three years Sister Julian was in charge at Wagga Wagga, followed by three years at St. Vianney’s, Timaru before returning once more as Treasurer to St Raphaels’. It was from here that she so excitedly went to Australia for her extended holiday, to participate in Sister Marie Thaddeus, (a Brigidine Sister) her cousin’s Golden Jubilee and to attend a family reunion.

On the way to the celebration, the car they were travelling in was caught on a level crossing, and Sister, together with her cousins were all killed. Her requiem Mass was held in the Cathedral at Wagga Wagga. Sister was buried on the anniversary of her birthday.

Birth                      Entered            Professed            Died             Place of Death              Place of Burial

06.02.1924        14.08.1945        15.09.1948       05.01.1989         Australia             Wagga Wagga Cemetery