When the family moved to Wellington at the beginning of the century, Mother Aubert and her charitable works were becoming very well known. One of the daughters, our Sister M. Damian, had become a Sister of Compassion in 1909, so her young sister, Doris, was a constant visitor. When she was fifteen years old she asked Mother Aubert if she could become a Sister too, but she was told she was too young, and to wait another year.

Doris entered as a Postulant on 9 March, 1912, the same month as her sister was Professed. Her Novitiate was made at Island Bay under Sister Chanel Kelly. She became Sister Mary Delphina and was Professed on 29 September, 1914, while Mother Aubert was still in Rome.

Sister Delphina trained as a nurse under the St. John Ambulance Association and received her certificate and medal. She was transferred to Jerusalem in 1916. For the next seventeen years she alternated between Island Bay and Jerusalem. She was at Island Bay when Mother Aubert returned from Rome. Over the ensuring years, Sister lived in Wanganui, Silverstream and Auckland, returning to Island Bay in 1949. From then on she spent a good deal of time as Sacristan, befriending many of the young priests who came to serve their Chaplaincy at the Home.

Sister Delphina was very interested in other people, giving everyone who visited the Home a friendly and warm greeting. She was a keen gardener, a true lover of plants, and believed that they should be shared.

Prior to Sister Damien’s death in 1972, Sister Delphina was transferred to Auckland where she spent the next fourteen years. She celebrated her Diamond Jubilee of Profession there in September, 1984.  When Sister needed full nursing care, she came back to St. Anne’s Ward, and was able to contribute to the T.V. documentary ‘Pioneer Women’ the year before she died.

Sister Delphina died on 27 March, 1987.

Born                    Entered                Professed               Died               Place of Death            Place of Burial

05.09.1896      09.03.1912            29.09.1914         27.03.1987           Island Bay               Karori Cemetery