Veronica began her Novitiate on 14 September, 1907, and received the Religious name of Sister Columba. The following year she was transferred to the Mother House at Island Bay with the other novices. On October 2nd, 1909, Sister Columba was Professed, and was one of the nurses who helped with the babies in the early years at Island Bay.  Her training would have been with the St. John’s Ambulance Nursing Course.

For a while Sister Columba worked at Buckle Street where she helped with the elderly patients.  In August 1920, Sister was transferred to Jerusalem as Treasurer and to assist in the school. Due to ill-health she was obliged to return to the Mother House at Island Bay in December, 1922.

On 11 September, 1926, Sister required surgery, but unfortunately she began to haemorrhage and died some hours later in the presence of the Community and her family.

Born                    Entered                Professed              Died               Place of Death            Place of Burial

15.09.1885       27.02.1907           02.10.1909        11.09.1926            Wellington             Karori Cemetery