In August, 1947, Stella entered the Sisters of Compassion, where her father’s sister, Sister Mary Alacoque had entered many years before.  Two of Stella’s sisters also entered Religious Life shortly after Stella; one became a Mission Sister, and the other a Missionary Sister of the Society of Mary.

On the Feast of St. Joseph, 19 March, 1948, Stella began her Novitiate, and received her religious name Sister Mary Edmund Campion, but she was always known as Sister Campion.  Two years later, she was professed on Laetare Sunday, which fell that year on the 19 March, 1950.

For a while Sister worked with the children, and spent some time at the school, but in 1952 she was chosen to join the Nursing Class, and in 1955 passed her final examination, and obtained State Registration as a General Nurse.  It was during this year that Sister began to show signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which gradu­ally progressed, and was definitely diagnosed as such in 1956.

During the following years Sister Campion was in almost constant pain and discom­fort, but showed a very remarkable spirit of fortitude and endur­ance, as well as a great generosity sharing in so far as she could the work and regular Community life of the sisters.   Sister was always bright and cheerful and had a great sense of humour.

In 1963 Sister Campion fell and fractured her femur while on duty in the children’s Ward.  After her recovery she was for many years the Receptionist at the Island Bay Home.  Here her gifts of hospitality and thoughtfulness were greatly admired and appreciated by the sisters’ relations and other numerous visitors she welcomed to the Home and Hospital.

In 1982 Sister Campion made a Spiritual Renewal at Teschemakers, which she enjoyed very much.

In 1983 Sister was admitted to our hospital with a kidney complaint. With her arthritic condition she was unable to manage the ‘home’ treatment, and had to go to the Wellington Public Hospital twice a week for treatment on the kidney machine.  She gave a wonderful witness both at the Public Hospital and in our own hospital by her patient endurance in her trial and by her cheerfulness.  Her death may have been sudden but she gave great example on how to prepare well for it.  She died in our hospital on 11 June, 1985.

Born                  Entered              Professed              Died             Place of Death            Place of Burial

17.10.1926       21.08.1947        19.03.1950        11.06.1985           Island Bay              Karori Cemetery