On the 14 April, 1904, Mary began her Novitiate training, and was given her religious name Sister Mary Camillus.

Sister Camillus spent most of her Religious Life in Buckle Street, though she had lived at the first St. Vincent’s Home in Auckland, from 1910-1914. Sister’s other places of mission were at Jerusalem, and more than once at the Mother House, Island Bay.  When the new Home of Compassion was opened at Silverstream in November, 1933, Sister was one of the Sisters who moved there with the residents from the Buckle St Home.

In 1936 Sister Camillus returned to Buckle Street, and was there at different periods until May 1949, when she was admitted to the Hospital Section for surgery on a growth that had appeared about six years ago, and about which she had kept silent. After the operation, Sister resumed her former duties for a further five years, until certain heart symptoms obliged her once more to return to Island Bay “for treatment”.

Sister Camillus was a most uncomplaining and edifying patient, but those who nursed her noticed her condition was failing, and that she would not have long to live.  She remained conscious up to the last, with never a groan or a murmur.  Sister died, as she had lived, quietly and peacefully on the 23 Septem­ber, 1954.

Born                  Entered              Professed          Died             Place of Death       Place of Burial

28.05.1879      15.08.1903       25.04.1905       23.09.1954     Island Bay           Karori Cemetery