The family lived on their own farm at Menzies Ferry.  Her primary years passed quickly there, and afterwards she completed her secondary education at St. Patrick’s College, Teschemakers, Oamaru.

On leaving school Mary worked for I.V. Wilson Dentistry in Wyndam for four years. She was very good at her job and they were sorry to lose her. Harry Sketchley, one of the dentists, sent her a Christmas card every year.  It was while she was on a pilgrimage to Rome that she decided to become a Sister of Compassion. Sister Campion Walsh, Mary’s cousin, had entered the Sisters of Compassion in 1947.

Mary Cooney Walsh entered the Sisters on 15 August 1953. At her reception she was given the name of Justin, the name she wanted.

After her Religious Profession in 1956, Sister Justin cared for small disabled children at Silverstream, and then the children at Island Bay before training as a Registered Nurse in our hospital at Island Bay. During her life as a Sister of Compassion, sister held many positions of leadership in many of our Homes.  She was a woman of great integrity and loyalty and blessed with a good sense of enjoyment.

Sister spent the last years of her life at Silverstream where she said she was waiting for God.

Born                     Entered             Professed              Died            Place of Death      Place of Burial

30.10.1929       15.08.1953          19.03.1956       08.06.2018       Silverstream             Karori