Unable to work due to vision problems after a stroke and multiple blood clots that have hindered her health, Adele applied for a house with Compassion Housing.

It was in April 2019, when the landlord of her former home in Levin notified her that she had to leave the property. It began a time of uncertainty and worry, as she had nowhere to go. “I was pretty desperate, I didn’t know where to go, or what to do,” she recalls.

Although Adele had lived in different places, this time the situation was different and more complex. “I had health issues and when you’ve got health issues and you’re feeling stressed, it makes it worse.”

Without much hope and despite her belief that they were “just for seniors,” she applied, thinking she would never be accepted. Soon after, she was surprised and relieved to be selected to occupy one of the houses in Levin.

“That’s how I got it. I’m still here and happy. I like talking to people and living in a community,” says Adele, reassured that she has a safe place to be and to receive visits from family, friends, and sometimes the Sisters of Compassion.