Volunteering at the Compassion Soup Kitchen inspired staff at JLL Wellington to believe they could do even more to help. So they organised a charity golf day for their clients at the Miramar Golf Club in March, raising more than $17,500.

Stathis Moutos, Head of Agency, Wellington, said it all started after volunteering last year. “It had quite a profound effect on most of us that were there, seeing how many meals were prepared. We were talking to other volunteers about how a lot is donated. Even while we were volunteering, there were people coming round the back and donating goods.”

“This was a real eye-opener for us all. Two months later, we started thinking how can we do more?”

Stathis tells how they got down to work. “We hatched a plan of having an event, so we decided to hold a golf day and invite clients and friends of ours to enter a team, play the holes, and donate items for the auction.”

The event was held in early February with around 90 players, who took part in the mini-tournament and auction. Rebecca Packer and Danny Karatea-Goddard, Sisters of Compassion’s Tumu Whakarae, attended the event to thank JLL Wellington for their fantastic support.