Spiritual direction, also called companioning, is being present in the moment, seeing and honouring the sacred mystery of the soul of another, hearing another’s sacred story with all its everyday ups and downs.

In the space that is created in a spiritual companioning session, there is an invitation to recognise what it is to be human in an ever deepening relationship with that which is unnameable and frequently called God. Spiritual companioning provides space to acknowledge our deepest longings–to explore the paradoxes of life and our longings to feel loved and to offer love.

There are three Spiritual Directors at the Home. Please contact them if you would like to come along:

Sr Margaret Anne

Sr Sue Cosgrove    

Fr Alan Roberts (Chaplain to the Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, Island Bay)

While a fee is normally charged, no one would ever be turned away.


Pastoral care

Support is available to those pilgrims and visitors who visit the Chapel and the Home.

Contact Our Lady’s Home of Compassion


Wisdom is for the soul what health is for the body – Suzanne Aubert