Venerable Suzanne Aubert is a wonderful role model for all people, young and old. This remarkable woman devoted her life to helping others.  She was a pioneer of New Zealand’s health and welfare system and a friend to Māori people throughout her life.  Her tireless compassion and practical brand of Christianity made a huge impact on New Zealand society. And today, more than 100 years later, we continue to follow her example of compassion and prayer.

Listen to what students and staff say about Suzanne Aubert in this Youtube clip:

Do you agree?

Would you like to tell us why you think she is an inspiration?

Make a video with other students and school staff. Keep an eye on this page for instructions on sending us your video. Or register your interest at

We will be featuring school video clips in our work to promote the Cause for Suzanne Aubert to be declared a Saint. Clips will also feature on the Suzanne Aubert website and in the 2020 Celebration Sunday film.

Making your video on why Suzanne Aubert is an inspiration

Talk to a teacher, staff member about your ideas. Gather a group of students and make your own video clip, interviewing each other and staff.

Your video needs to be:

  • a maximum of 2 minutes duration. It can be shorter.
  • filmed horizontally not vertically (picture a TV screen).
  • filmed in high resolution. [Is there a max size for uploading?]
  • the original work of students. Students must ensure that any information presented in the video that has come from another source is appropriately referenced and that no copyrighted materials (music, images, etc.) are used unless the Students have first obtained all necessary permissions or clearances.
  • A release form signed by each participant, and parents for students under 16 years of age, must accompany video clips.

Filming tips:

  1. Remember the size of a tv screen/computer monitor and be mindful of background and surrounding material
  2. Ask person who is speaking NOT to look into camera but off camera slightly (as if they are speaking to someone standing beside you)
  3. Pause for a few seconds before pushing record to allow focusing on subject, not surrounds.
  4. If possible, zoom in slightly to exclude unimportant material.
  5. Hold phone/camera as steady as possible and don’t move off subject who is speaking.