The experience

Over the years, many travellers and pilgrims have visited and stayed at Jerusalem and experienced its unique tranquillity.

Very few visitors to Jerusalem will end up there by chance. Nestled in a remote green valley beside the quiet waters of the Whanganui River and surrounded by forested hills, it’s an oasis of calm in a turbulent world. Surrounded by the sounds of nature, visitors easily detach themselves from the complexities of everyday life.


The old convent welcomes groups and retreats, with a large room and smaller rooms available for group work. There’s also a TV for screening DVDs – there is no TV reception. Full cooking facilities are available but guests should bring their own food as there is no catering. The closest shops and petrol stations are in Whanganui and Raetihi. If possible, bring your own linen or sleeping bag and towels – and slippers or socks as shoes are not worn inside. There is a very limited reception for mobile phones.


We have 20 single beds in open dormitories upstairs and one wheelchair-accessible double room with an en-suite bathroom. The cost is $25 per night but can be negotiated if necessary. Contact us if you need more information.

Fellow guests

We have guests from all over the world, all of whom come to Jerusalem to experience its special tranquillity. We ask that you welcome each other warmly and with respect.


It will probably rain between spells of glorious shafting sunlight. But it shouldn’t snow. Either way, you’ll probably be at one with nature and content with whatever she brings.