Compassion Soup Kitchen have partnered with Points for Purpose to deliver gifts from you to provide a moment of comfort to homeless people around Wellington.

On 7 September, the Fly Buys celebrated its 21st birthday with a partnership with Points for Purpose, a social enterprise that enables members to gift their Fly Buys points to make a difference to the lives of people in need.

Now, Fly Buys members can choose Compassion Soup Kitchen and purchase a Fly Buys reward to help out homeless people. The items are selected like a regular redemption at and are then sent directly to the Compassion Soup Kitchen on behalf of the Fly Buys member.

Search the Fly Buys products available that you can make a direct difference with.

Read the Fly Buys media release of the launch

(L-R) Dave Drury (Points for Purpose Founder), Karen Holland (Compassion Soup Kitchen Manager) and Ryan Edwards (Points for Purpose Engagement) at Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, Island Bay.